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Silky-smooth live streaming with stunning clarity is now a reality.And with the increase in frame rate comes an increase in focus speed.Still, Herculaneum, the Capitoline Museums and the view of the Imperial Forum from the Tabularium provided "wow" moments for us that we will never forget! It has been many months since it was last viewable.My guess is that the sponsorship ran out of time and Skyline is having a hard time finding another sponsor.

Piste larghe, tanto sole, rifugi gourmet per i buongustai e lunghe piste verso S. Seceda è collegata con la funicolare sotterranea Gardena Ronda Express con il carosello sciistico Dolomiti Superski.

Another innovation is the camera’s enhanced Integrated Circuit (IC) chip.

You will no longer have to compromise between a high resolution and a high frame rate – Ziggi-HD Plus delivers both.

Stream at up to 30fps at full HD without any frustrating choppiness.

Even at the highest resolution of 3264 x 2448 pixels, Ziggi-HD Plus still streams at up to 15fps with quick focus for crisp images.

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