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When they are women, I can see how their bluntness and brutality about the guy can be useful to the game. Usually the women are so amazingly hot, the male dater couldn't care at all what her exes say.

On EX-treme Dating, One dater dates another who has brought along their two EX's. If they succeed, they win a prize; if their plan backfires, the couple gets another date free of charge and the ex's go home.Something happen eventually year now, i'm looking for dating.Were dating girl thinking about it exotic and object of attention in the subject line so we know you want to avoid giving out information that can help her still.Which really just takes the whole concept of third wheel to a whole new level. AUTHOR TITLE INSTITUTION SPONS AGENCY REPORT NO PUB DATE GRANT - NOTE AVAILABLE FROM PUB TYPE EDRS PRICE DESCRIPTORS IDENTIFIERS / SE 044 724 r . Pyoceeo Tings of the 1981 Workshops on Science and Technology for the Handicapped. Sciience and Technology for the Handicapppd, conve*ea.' by the American Association for the Advancement of Science (La Jolla, MO; Rochester ,• NY; Minneapolis,-. , NW, Washington, DC 20036 (limited number available free of charge). ^Accessibility (for Disabled)) Chemistry; Computer Oriented Programs; *Daily Living Skills; Design Requirements; *Disabilities; Elementary i Secondary Education; *Employment; Higher Education; Physical Mobility; Science Education; *Sens,ory Aids; *Technology; vrsually Handicapped Mobility; Workshops • National Sciende Foundation ABSTRACT This book is based upon group part icipation and presentations given, at three regional workshops on science and technology for the handicapped. ^ 1 ISSUES IN TECHNOLOGY FOR DAILY LIVING ' - , * Daily Living' Technology for the Disabled: Can It Be a Viable Business? ^ ■ ' The Use of S.pee(^ Displays with the Hearing Impaired Judith Braeges \ • . 226 ERIC vii Foreword This volume of seifected papers is . The guarantee makes the bank far mor6[;;'-ib teres ted in making the loan, if a business is financially marginal. Of^e^^ls the' Handicapped Lending Ptogram for sheltered workshops. s4y'4hat our.fvliifele ;];.rogram is affected.;: If there is no money in the Handicapped Lending ''tto^iram,* the people who would normally qualify for it would simply g6 /irfto one of '^our^iother programs, such: as the guaranteed program or the other features of our direct program., The second part Handicapped Lending Prdgjam, for which there are currently no funds i^cir Vt? ■ QUESTION: What's the maximum a business, could borrow through 'the Handicapped Lending Program? ■""GEORGE CHANpi Lg R:* Fdr both HAL 1 and ^HAL 2 the maximum Is 0,000, and the interest rate is^ low. A BARR\ UNGERi'^^'Frpm what I hear ybu, saying, a person doesn't have to have a par- ticular backgrq^inid to' utilize the ^mdnagement .assistance or to attend the work- * shops on various -areas . GEORGE CHANDLER: There,,are no pro Blems with the direct arid the guaranteed . , We^don't, have any particular, restrictions, right now. b XRRY UNGEr I Who would people contact who.wanl: to use SBA setvlce^^tems of either management assistance and, Counseling services, or "ho want to.v^^quir^ .about their personal, situation an4, the type of loari that wduld be appropriate? , chure which has the phone number for every district office'- in the gpuntry. direct you to one of our loan of ficers who could chat wit^ you and either •steer you to a bank or perhaps help directly. It was considered better to encourage patients (and disabled psychological interns) to wheel manual chairs, not only for the exercise; a value wa^ placed on independence from electronic devices. There was no way I wanted one of those weird- looking, cumbersome contraptions that made their users seem even more disabled than they were - To add perspective to this "case example," I had totally abjured learning to wheel my chair throughout my undergraduate school years because I felt a helpless, serene, feminine image would serve me better than a struggling, inde- pendent, sexually-neutral one.' It did, until I started my internship. ; ■ v ; .■ ; DAVID USSELlj: You have to consider our bias t6p." We* re not reall'y cpncprni Bd ' with whether that is the best ■ chair f orlhim J We see .'a ■problem for" a student as an. Accordingly, the user should specify goals and the system should atti Miipt to achieve those goals while th(^ user supervises the operation. Letters from people from all areas of the countny poured in and the number received surely represents only a fraction of persons who could have responded.

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