Website updating technical content

A geographic section planning to develop a website for the first time, or to revise a current website, may find it helpful to examine other geographic section websites for ideas about what kind of information to include.

Links to these websites can be found using the geographic section list. At a minimum, geographic section websites should include: Geographic sections should take care not to post any member identification numbers or personal details of their geographic section members to protect member privacy.

Geographic Sections may find it useful to establish a set schedule for website updates to avoid having content become outdated.

Geographic Sections are strongly discouraged from requiring members to log in to access content on the geographic section website or to maintain their contact information, including email address.

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Geographic section websites should not include inappropriate or potentially offensive content of a sexual, racial, religious, cultural or political nature.

Why should your own website or blog be like that then?

Website content can include written text, images, free downloads, anything that is going to draw new visitors in and keep your existing visitors coming back.

If a lot of time-sensitive information is included, then it is essential that the website be kept up to date.

An out of date website does not provide an impression of quality to members or website visitors.

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