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Jason Gibbs, a travel pharmacist, advises travellers to keep out of freshwater lakes and rivers, or keep their dips short.A CLUSTER of County Durham villages could soon be welcoming hoards of tourists if a major multimillion pound plan for a caravan site, holiday lodges and watersports centre wins approval.“The scheme is to provide a major tourism opportunity of regional significance, and significant investment is required to get it started.

In the design and access statement, it states: “This is a major project which is going to require around £8.5 million to develop.

Oh no, drinking your own wee (the technical term, I believe) is a health trend with a growing and extremely loyal band of followers. I’ve bankrupted myself on special trainers that will apparently tone my bum when I walk.

And I’ve done five day ‘cleanses’ where all you drink is ruinously expensive tea.

Her late husband was fellow journalist Antony Radziwill.

She is a cast member of The Real Housewives of New York City.

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