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While Derrick has been giving the judges of "Drag Race" a different side of him on the runway thus far, we somehow think his signature Spears moves will somehow creep onto the runway soon.We sat down and chatted with Derrick about how Britney came to be his "spirit animal" of sorts, what being in a trouple relationship truly is like, and how Derrick Barry plans to use this platform to take his career to the next level.I got really lucky because I actually wanted to do Britney for Halloween one year and it was the first time I had done Britney.I had been told in high school that I looked like her and I was living with a makeup artist at the time and I asked them to dress me up for Halloween in 2003.

This directive was aimed at those “good time Charlies” on the force who, for years, had been larking about hither and thither in activities such as football, golf, choir, tug-of-war, pipe band, caber tossing, softball, wrestling, and sack racing.

The extra curricular austerity seems to have continued throughout the 60s but the 1970’s saw the rise of “fun” once again.

The 70s saw teams for basketball, ice hockey and floor hockey but it was golf that really made a mark as far as the public were concerned.

Schönberger's current residency in New York is dedicated in part to engaging into discussion with US based German individuals and families who witnessed the Second World War; these interviews feed into the pursuit of the artist's larger and ongoing oral history research project.

Deeply marked by the war, Schönberger's grandfather Anton left a number of photographs from when he served as a soldier for the Wehrmacht in occupied France.

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