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Whenever I attend a startup conference, the only machines that I see in the audience are Macbook Pros. Whenever I attend a j Query conference, I see Macbook Pros everywhere (the following picture is from the j Query blog). NET 5 to run on Windows, OSX, and Linux changes everything. I’ve spent hundreds – if not thousands – of hours of my life building Web Forms applications. There are thousands of Grunt JS plugins that enable you to do an amazing variety of different tasks (there are currently 4,334 plugins listed in the Grunt JS plugin repository): For example, there are plugins for running Java Script unit tests, for validating the code quality of your Java Script (jshint), compiling LESS and Sass files into CSS, compiling Type Script into Java Script, and minifying images. In MVC 6, there is one and only one Controller class that is the base class for both MVC and Web API controllers. You can use either convention-based routes or attribute routes and they apply to all controllers in a project. Startups, in stark contrast, tend to use OSX/Linux. Furthermore, designers and front-end developers – at least when they are outside the corporate prison – also tend to use Macbook Pros. For example, you can use Grunt JS to concatenate and minify your Java Script files whenever you perform a build in Visual Studio. In MVC 6, both MVC controllers and Web API controllers use the same routes.Hi Rahul, I guess you want to show a Requierd Field Validator for ASP Check Box List.But there is no field in the Check Box List to fill, so Requierd Field Validator doesn't work for this Control.

This control is also for a web based application, but with some modifications could be ported for a Windows application.

In this blog post, I list what I consider to be the top 10 most significant changes in ASP. This means that you can run Grunt JS using plugins from NPM and client resources from Bower. NET MVC, MVC controllers were different than Web API controllers. This means that you no longer need to rely on third-party Dependency Injection frameworks such as Ninject or Auto Fac.

NET framework — it has been rewritten from the ground up. If other changes strike you as more significant, please describe the change in a comment. Second, because many client-side resources – such as Twitter Bootstrap, j Query, Polymer, and Angular JS – are distributed through Bower, Microsoft added support for Bower. You can interact with an MVC 6 controller from an Angular JS $resource using REST. NET 5 has built-in support for Dependency Injection and the Service Locator pattern.

When you run the page and click one of the buttons, you will see that the checkbox will have a Required Field Validator. But it works only on serversde, requiring a postback to use it.

We can do that via Custon Validator Control on ASP. But the solution I posted for Checkbox validation is much more simple I guess What do you think? You can simply download the dll, inlcude it in the Visual Studio (Web Developer) Toolbox and then you can drag and drop it anywhere you like, so it is a simple to use as any other validation control, including client and server side validation as you would expect from a validator control.

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