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What should you yourself do to be a good mate for someone? Here are some materials I have heard good things about. Other notes: Further Reading for Those Who Want a Good Family I do not recommend any books by Dr. He and others teach parents to ignore what the Bible says about discipline. Dobson says much of the blame of America's youth problems today can be laid at the feet of these men.John White Eros Defiled Inter Varsity Press The Most Important Thing in the World : And Other Myths About Sex Inver Varsity Press Josh Mc Dowell, with Campus Crusade, has some very good tapes on dating.Here are some good books we have on dating and marriage.Good to read anytime, but especially before marriage.Beverly La Haye The Spirit-Controlled Woman Harvest House 1976 Husbands & Wives : God's Design for the Family Book 1 Nav Press 1980.* Time Out editions in 24 cities participated in our global dating survey, and we received responses from many more locations around the world.Data were compared between the 12 cities from which the largest responses were received: London, Paris, New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, Hong Kong, Kuala Lumpur, Singapore, Sydney, Melbourne, Tokyo and Beijing.

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For more information, contact Patricia David at 202-434-6043.We want to develop an app that helps improve your love life, so why not go straight to the source?Help us create something that you love by taking five minutes to answer our quick survey about your use of dating and relationship sites and apps. All of the information gathered through this survey will remain anonymous and will only be used in the aggregate. Tim Stafford The Sexual Christian Victor Books 1989 Edwin Cole Maximized Manhood : A Guide to Family Survival Whitaker House 1982 Dr. Regal Books 1980 Especially good when you are getting married and after Anne Ortlund Building a Great Marriage Fleming H. 1976 Family Matters in the bible Below is not everything, but just some of the good teaching God gives us about families. Personal Holiness We must not bear false witness or lie to each other. Ep; Pr-1;25-39; Mic; Mt;1Sam-7 Honor secular authority; obey laws subject to God's.Revell Company 1985 Anne Ortlund Disciplines of the Home Word Publishing 1990 Stephen A. Zuck is a professor at Dallas Theological Seminary) Some books have good, but rather explicit teaching. Two of these are Tim and Beverly La Haye The Act of Marriage Harvest House Lewis B. Pr19:9; Co3:9; Ep;1Tm; Re21:8,26; Lv-12; Ps; Zc-7; Zp3:9,13. Tt2:7-8 Believers do not need to have "loose lips" on every question. Co;1Cr13:4; Ep; Pr-17;1Th Do not hurt our bodies or be gluttons. Tt3:1; Rm13:1-7;1Pt-18 Don't waste your life with luxury & self-indulgence.

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