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Instead of putting our heads together to offer some form of sexual innovation, we’ve adopted the filmmaker’s approach, and have repackaged already existent ideas, insisting these recycled ideas are completely new, a fresh perspective created by the sexually liberated millennial generation, less of which identify as straight.Take for instance, a newfangled buzzword that has made the rounds this year on every publication targeted at a majority-millennial audience. That might not sound as cute, but at least it was accurate.While millennials may be more inclined to have sex before the first date and to believe good sex can build a stronger emotional connection, the generation as a whole really haven’t contributed anything inventive to the carnal practice of sex.Aside from more progressive perspectives toward sex, which is certainly a victory in its own right (yes, men can stimulate their prostate without being considered gay), we really haven’t proven ourselves as innovators in the space, which is concerning, especially in regards our sexual future.You might know him from Keys to the VIP, a TV show that follows men in nightclubs with hidden cameras as they pick up women.(Cajun won — check out clips from the TV show below.) Earlier this year, Cajun brought back his results and they blew everyone away.According to Christian Mc Queen, a playboy is: “A man who does what he wants, when he wants, while maintaining freedom in every aspect of his life and has designed his life in order to capitalize on new experiences.” And exactly what does it mean to attempt to date online: “Online dating is a dating experience that allows individuals to contact and communicate over the Internet.” All right, now that is have that figured out, how does a playboy utilize online dating in his quest to live a life he wants, a life of freedom and choice?

When he heads out for a night on the town, the playboy meets women.

Playboy TV is the only premium channel dedicated to entertainment for adults.

Whether it’s reality shows that keep the cameras rolling to capture all the steamy action, non-stop parties or outrageously beautiful women from around the globe Playboy TV brings you the sexy fun that guys have come to love mixed with just the right amount of romance and reality for her.

And more to the point — if there are hot women on dating sites, can an average guy get with them?

Or are they all fakes, flakes and Medusa look-alikes?

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