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A groom-to-be would gather his buddies to have his bachelor’s party in the before the ceremony.

The bathhouse must have been an especially sacred place for women, when they would gather together — midwives and female family members alike — to assist a woman giving birth in the .

Indeed, Therme Erding's thermal source was only discovered by accident by the US petroleum giant Texaco in 1983.

After years of geothermal research, the energy firm drilled for oil but found only a steaming lake of mineral-rich water.

Even though I spent a significant amount of time in the Motherland — a month living in a Siberian village on Lake Baikal, fourteen months in St.

Therme Erding's changing rooms – some unisex, some segregated – lead out to Tropical Paradise.

Since Roman times, when the spa culture first developed, spas have been recognised for their healing properties and contribution to mental and physical health, so much so that the German healthcare system regularly subsidises treatments as a preventative measure against illness. Tell your doctor that you’ve been experiencing headaches and anxiety from stress and you may very well be handed a prescription for a three-week retreat at a German spa as a medical ‘cure’.

Throughout German history, thermal springs have been used amongst all classes of the population for medicinal purposes. And hairy Turkish men with backs full of hair and not a strand ‘down there’!

Having lived in Europe now for almost 18 months, I had definitely become aware of the Freikörperkultur (free body culture) naturalist philosophy so common amongst Europeans.

Many Europeans, and particularly Germans, find it incredibly joyful to experience relaxing activities nude.

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