Left 4 dead is updating slow

I did install a second optical drive roughly around that time, but I decided to remove just as quickly.

I've done everything I can think off; I've reseated the graphics card, I defragged, I cleaned up my disk (using both the Windows default one and CCleaner), I uninstalled every unwanted program on my hard drives (I have two, one 250 GB used down to 100 GB, and one unused 1 TB), reinstalled the latest drivers, and reinstalled the latest Direct X.

Hello, Recently when playing L4D 2 I've noticed a delay in the controls.

For example, I press the shoot button, about a second later the gun shoots.

According to Polygon, the new DLC is an unofficial nod to Left 4 Dead's own add-on, "The Sacrifice," in which Bill gives his life trying to save the other survivors of the zombie apocalypse.

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Portable Minigun Mod v0.0.2 A portable minigun mod that replaces the M16 with a minigun. Zombie Realism 2.2 This is the one kinda mod just about every zombie lover would probably love to play.

Dead by Daylight, the hit survival-horror game that pits a team of four players against a dangerous killer, is getting a new character as part of the title's free "Left Behind" DLC.

Players of Valve's successful Left 4 Dead series of zombie games will recognize Bill, the bearded, loyal-to-a-fault Vietnam vet as a new Bill is more than just a visual update; he'll inhabit Dead by Daylight as a full-on team member with his own special skills and abilities.

I am using an XFX Radeon 5770(4770 was a typo) graphics card.

I have some suspicion that the problem could possibly be due to the PSU, since the PSU is below the recommended wattage for the graphics card. And I wouldn't expect the first few months to be godly smooth for gameplay, then all goes to hell in one night.

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