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Investigators are trying to figure out what caused an American Airlines co-pilot from Lebanon to die mid-flight.William "Mike" Grubbs had a heart attack just before landing in Albuquerque, NM.But remember one thing, this is not the type of woman that seems she would be high on tolerating completely juvenile behavior so some of you more sophomoric types might just want to figure out what you want out of life.

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In earlier conflicts prior to the 1982 Israeli invasion, including Operation Litani, Israel attempted to eradicate PLO bases from Lebanon and support Christian Maronite militias.

The 1982 invasion resulted in the PLO's departure from Lebanon.

The plane was just 2 miles out when the captain declared an emergency, according to the FAA. Witnesses said they performed CPR for about 40 minutes before pronouncing him dead.

American Airlines says the plane they were flying, a Boeing 737, is perfectly safe for a solo pilot to land. American Airlines said Grubbs was particularly proud of his son, who is set to graduate from Tennessee Tech in May.

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