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UPDATE: Patti Stanger has also opened up about Kenya's man, telling EXTRA "He was single when he shot the show which was in November, they basically dated, they broke up, he did not date his old girlfriend and marry her, Wendy Williams got that wrong, he met a new girl in January and he ended up marrying her, it was very fast, he was marriage minded and the bottom line is long distance relationships are tough." She also tweeted, "I'm not sure james is really married! Moore was left "devastated" by the news, which she found out via Instagram. The "Real Housewives of Atlanta" star met her latest beau on "Millionaire Matchmaker," and while Kenya thought the two were still seeing each other, he got hitched to someone else without warning!There’s always a tradeoff, I feel, when I’m dating a white woman.

Good news: In late March, the United States Air Force appointed lesbian Col.

In a ridiculous statement, the President of The Foundation for Moral Law (Kayla Moore) said:“I oppose this nomination because Col.

Goodwin does not set a proper moral example for youth.

Kayla is a graduate of Southside High school in Etowah County, Alabama.

During school, she worked as the bookkepper for the Parker Music Company in Gadsden.

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