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It screened the first mouth-to-mouth gay soap kiss in the UK in 1989, leading some MPs to call for the programme to be banned.This was followed by a "censored" homosexual kiss in 1996, which infuriated gay activists after the BBC cut the kiss from its original two seconds to a half-second, so they would not "startle" viewers.There’s just more for gay men to relate to on television these days.Soap operas might be a dying format, but they still had a surprisingly strong showing on this list, with nine characters coming from serial dramas; five from US daytime and four from as far away as the UK and Germany.In this instance, Christian is enjoying the first flush of romance and we've shown him being affectionate with his new boyfriend in the same way any couple would." Guiding Light (also known as The Guiding Light) is an American television soap opera broadcast by NBC Radio, followed by CBS Radio and then CBS Television, which aired between January 1937 and September 2009.Melrose Place is an American primetime soap opera broadcast by Fox, which aired between July 1992 and May 1999.See full summary » Spanish sit-com where David awakes after being 18 years in a comma only to find his world completely changed.

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The woman he loves shatters Mondli’s heart into pieces. Jojo tells GC and Thobile they have to take the salon seriously. Ma Mkhulu is convinced the missing cow has to do with unhappy ancestors.

A few weeks ago we asked readers to name their favorite gay or bisexual male characters of all time.

(As usual, we left the female characters to our sisters over at After Ellen.) Now, after sorting through the thirty thousand plus write-in votes, we have the results, and one thing leaps out at us: you guys certainly have a soft spot for the bad boys!

And speaking of the UK, seven of the top 50 characters originate from shows produced in that country.

Seven of the top 50 were men of color, including Nasir.

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