Invalidating session on logout Free adult cd webcams

i don't know if i should use jsp, javascript or html to do this. Hey, all Java & JSP gurus, i'm developing a website using JSP and MS SQL. I am going to logout the session that i created using name admin_name.

My login Servlet is using a jdbc database (which works successfully).i successfully done the login page and go to the open proper window. please the send the code i'm trying to build a web page which permits the user to login before accessing the contents of the site.the login works fine (i did it using jsp), but i am not able to logout properly, that is, when i click on a "logout" hyperlink, it sends me to the proper page, but when i do "back" on my explorer, it gives me the previous page again. can anyone tell me how to prevent this from happening please?Can you please tell me the code to invalidate a session object i.e.the code for logout (to be written in JSP) Following is my code for creating session object, on login: hi friends, i am new jsp, in my login and logout page is must.

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