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Honestly, I was just wondering if you were interested in…You know…”When I recently took this screenshot of one particularly offensive message, along with my response, and posted it on Facebook for “friends” only, one of my male friends responded with the following:“This guy is making a valid point that got lost in all the other ‘stuff’…And please do remember that most douchebags start out pretty nice–that’s how they trick us!So cut the girls in your life a little more slack, will you? Second, why are “nice guys” only nice until they get rejected? It sucks and it hurts when someone you’re attracted to isn’t interested. ”) won’t get you laid any quicker, so you may want to get over yourself, dust off, and get back on the proverbial bike. Because if a guy is genuinely douche-y, chances are we’ll figure it out eventually and bounce.

I keep my chin up — even if I sometimes choose to give the middle finger to a stranger who asks me to smile. I dig men and I want to have a relationship with one — a serious, fun, loving, respectful, committed, powerful, deep and meaningful relationship with a man for whom I would do anything and who would feel the same in return.It’s been about six months or so since I addressed that perennial bugbear of nerd dating, the Nice Guy, and after some of the comments I’ve seen, on the blog and elsewhere, it seems like as good a time as any to revisit the topic.Y’see, there are certain myths and misconceptions when it comes to dating that seem to have become axiomatic amongst men and chief among them is the classic “Women like assholes”.In the primate world, the alpha male is the dominant ape in the herd who stands at the top of the informal hierarchy by dint of his strength, health and overal fitness.These are all favorable factions that influence his potential survivability, which in turn mean that his children are more likely to survive to pass on their genes.

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