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We were the ones with the hacksaws and dust masks, clearing our way through the sexual undergrowth, getting covered with scratches and gashes and slipping into invisible swamps.It’s the people who follow afterwards who have the easier time, sauntering along the trodden path, picking roses along the way. It’s difficult to understand sex in the 60s without understanding what life was like before the 60s. At Woman magazine, where I worked a decade later, the journalists weren’t ever allowed to use the word ‘bottom’ – not even in ‘bottom of the garden’ or ‘bottom of the saucepan’.

Then they add, saucily: ‘But of course they say that if you can remember the 60s you weren’t there!» Futurama News » Articles » Episode Guide » Character Bios » Encyclopedia » Episode Capsules » Freeze Frame » Comic Capsules » Futurama FAQ » Futurama Staff » Lists & References » Merchandise » TV Listings » Web News » Futurama Links » What's Futurama » Behind the Scenes Leela: "Well, it's a type M planet. " Free Waterfall Junior: "Or we'll boycott Fishy Joe's." Leela: "You're vegetarians. So should at least have rodden berries." Fry: "I'm experienced with foraging. When the novelist Martin Amis said recently that it was the sexual revolution of the Sixties and Seventies that destroyed his 'pathologically promiscuous' sister Sally, an alcoholic who died in 2000 aged 46, he provoked a wave of controversy.His views were ridiculed by his critics, who claimed that his sister 'was out of control.

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