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Although she is not in a relationship she has been artificially inseminated twice, but both ended in a miscarriage. Her mother, Arlene Cuddy, is still living, but her father is deceased.She quit her job as Dean of Medicine the day after House crashed her house with his car and escaped to avoid responsibility for his actions. Her father was Jewish from birth, but her mother was a Catholic who converted to Judaism when Arlene married Cuddy's father. She also comes from a long line of physicians - her great grandfather published a key medical text.We also know that she has also wanted to be a doctor ever since she was 12 years old. She often felt her mother treated her more harshly than her younger sister, but later came to believe that her mother only pushed her knowing that she was capable of great things.The only other salient fact about her early life is that she admitted to Wilson (who later told House) that she once slept with her father’s best friend.She began dreaming of becoming a doctor when she was 12, graduated from medical school at age 25 as second best in her class, and became the first female and second youngest Dean of Medicine ever at age 32 (she was actually 29 but she added three years to her age in order to seem more mature to the Selection Committee).When, during Season 1, the new Chairman of the Board Edward Vogler (Chi Mc Bride) tries to have House fired for refusing to kowtow to his demands, Cuddy urges the board to save House and remove Vogler instead, losing the 0 million donation he had made to the hospital.- without having any regrets about missing the series finale. You file a police report and you leave - and you don't come back for the f**king finale."In spite of Cuddy's sad end, Edelstein says she has nothing but happy memories of her time on the Fox medical drama."It was a great experience. it changed my life," she explained."It ended sadly, but the ending does not change the whole experience."Back in 2011, a "great shock"."Not only was she a great asset to the show as a performer, but we also just miss her company, because she is an absolute hoot to have around," he said at the time.The actress famously left her role as House's love Dr Lisa Cuddy after a seven-year run on the show in 2011, opting not to reprise the role for 2012's series ender.

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At the same time, Cuddy was attending the school as an undergraduate.In a statement, the actress says, “After much consideration, I am moving onward with a combination of disappointment at leaving behind a character I have loved playing for seven years and excitement of the new opportunities in acting and producing that lie ahead.” Fox and NBC Universal declined to comment.Back in March — when the future of itself was up in the air — Edelstein told TVLine, “Nobody at work seems to think it won’t [return].Therefore, she has been House's boss for at least 13 years, indicating that she was 38 when the show started and is currently 45.It is mentioned in many parts of the show that she wants a child.

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