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When that is pointed out to the true believers it does not change their belief that what they believe is true.Instead they retreat into denial and set off hunting for new facts.The sources, quoted by Russia’s independent Dozhd television channel, claimed Mr Putin finally drew the line when Andrei Yakunin, a long-time resident of London who lives in a £4.5 million mansion in Hampstead, applied for a British passport.“In the situation of war with the west, that was considered an act of treachery,” a source told the channel.A special report produced for Mr Putin by the FSB, Russia’s main KGB successor agency, and Russia’s financial monitoring service, reportedly highlighted the activities of two Cypriot registered companies, Far East Land Bridge and Regional Hotel Chain.Far East Land Bridge, which is partnered with a Russian Railways subsidiary to promote trans-Eurasian rail freight as a quicker alternative to shipping goods between Asia and Europe via the Suez Canal, was linked to Andrei Yakunin’s London based firm, Venture Investments & Yield Manangement LLP, by a Reuters investigation in 2012.

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Asian Theatre Journal: Available both in print and via Literature Online, Project Muse, and JSTOR. Monumenta Nipponica: Available both in print and via Project Muse and JSTOR . Its website includes subject index with Drama Studies and Drama Translations sections.

The company was established on September 18, 2003, when a decree was passed to separate the railways from the Russian Ministry of the Means of Communication (MPS) (1992-2004, dissolved).

Full name — "Open Joint Stock Company Russian Railways" (Russian: JSC Russian Railways was established by Decision № 585 of the Government of the Russian Federation dated September 18, 2003.

In order to do this I will deal with the various allegations which have been made about Putin in turn in rough chronological order ending with the so-called Panama Papers.

The first time I heard allegations that Putin was a billionaire was in 2006 when they were made by an individual called Stanislav Belkovsky.

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