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Lot 191, a hand-painted transformation pack by Goodall & Son, is the work of an unknown folk artist who used a standard Chas.

Goodall pack and cleverly transformed the pip cards and three aces.

If you travel, souvenir cards are available at novelty shops, and many tobacconists and airport kiosks have them also.

A very good source is other collectors, who may wish to trade their duplicates or unwanted material; much of this is done at club meetings.

These days there is always e Bay with its attendant pros and cons which apply to any online auction.

Here is a short list of dealers to get you started.

Designed and inspired by 5th & Laurel, a historic building in San Diego, California dating back to 1965.

Each playing card box is made of soft but sturdy off-white stock, letterpressed with cobalt blue and warm gold foil — reminiscent of the California ocean with a modern design.

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From competing at snap as a child, to all night poker games in college, to trying our luck at blackjack in Vegas, cards elicit memories involving friends, excitement and usually good times.

The CPCC offers a service to its members by purchasing decks not easily available, and placing them on sale at reasonable prices.

In addition, there are card auctions offering historical and unusual decks (as well as individual cards for those who collect specific subjects); once it is known you are a collector, the dealers will either send you auction catalogs or send you an order form to purchase them.

This does not mean, however that the particular deck you are looking at was printed in 1947 or 1940 or whenever.

The simple way to determine when a particular Kem deck was printed is a number which can be found below and to the left of the face on the Ace of Spades.

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