Dating antique silver jewelry

The sphere, approximately 20mm in size, is attached to a chain of ridge-seamed metal beads. It does have a dark patina and tarnish as pictured. The buckle is two separate pieces which when connected measure 2 inches wide and 2.25 inches high. Item# JA-1500 Antique Chatelaine with six appendages - compact, lipstick case, notepad, pencil, coin compartment and needle case. Sky blue and Egyptian blue enamel in near perfect condition makes for a striking contrast against the gold overlay. Circa early 1900's this fine estate art nouveau period piece features baroque pearls set in sterling silver with gold highlights. From end-to-end the piece measures 5.25 inches long. ***Fob can be suspended from a chain and re-purposed as a necklace charm. ***Fob can be suspended from a chain and re-purposed as a necklace charm. Item# JA-0814-01 Featured in both the necklace and matching brooch are brilliant channel-set rhinestones and beautiful old Czech beads. Ribbon, lace or velvet would have been threaded through the metal bars on the back to form a belt. Screwback closures with the older European mark for silver jewelry - 835. Item# JA-301 Circa Late Victorian molded glass shell necklace. The closure is an older style spring clasp and is marked STERLING. Depending upon the font used for the series of date letters, the letter i, j or l is usually omitted to avoid any possible confusion between them.As a result the date letter cycle is usually 25 years as opposed to 26.

The date letters below show the background shape for silver.THE GLITTER BOX is Proud to Offer a Fine Selection of Vintage Designer Costume Jewelry Vintage Scandinavian Arts & Crafts and Studio Artist Sterling Silver Jewelry Our vintage jewelry collection spans all Native American jewelries and Navajo jewelries.Shop these timeless pieces that never go out of style.Vintage Silver Jewelry made from ingots is now very rare, highly collected and expensive.This Vintage Mexican Silver Jewelry was related with this Vintage Mexico Sterling Silver Grape Pendant topics.

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