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But beyond that generalization, human beings actually associate together in a number of different ways depending upon the purpose of the gathering and the composition of the gathered.

For our purposes, consider there to be three basic groupings, male-only, female-only, and mixed.

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If so, what kind, and what does that say about his personality? But that's the cursory inspection, because unlike women, men value character over context in a social situation. Men tend to form their social hierarchies based on a fairly limited but firm criteria., and we do it very, very quickly. Remember one of the first things the Lord of the Flies boys did when they made it to the island was start making up "Rules! We like to know that if we do well by an objective measure we will progress.

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Within each group a different set of basic rules and preconceptions applies.

Knowledge of these patterns of behavior can reveal hidden group dynamics that can be used or exploited for a number of purposes.

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