Cosmo bad dating advice

This post could alternately be titled “You Shouldn’t Believe Everything You Read on the Internet” because there is some seriously inaccurate stuff floating around out there.

Bad Dating Advice: “Girls Like Jerks”For the most part, girls don’t like jerks.

The whole Joey and Rachel romance subplot made absolutely zero sense. " /Woo hoo, the Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 2 is nearly here and we can't wait.

Just look at how tender Robert Pattinson looks in this picture with his real-life lady, Kristen Stewart - SWOON!

America is inundated with stupid advice for young women– advice that is not only silly, but pretty horrible as well.

In fact, I can hardly stand in the checkout line anymore without seeing a headline that makes me want to vomit, cry, and die of stupidity and embarrassment all at once.

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  1. safety statistics of internet dating 13-Aug-2020 22:49

    When most people sign up for an online dating account, all they're looking for is someone to fall in love with.