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In its homeland, the group is under FEMC and is managed by L Motion Entertainment. Desiring to produce a daily program featuring charming Taiwanese girls, Next TV Broadcasting Limited originated an idea of creating a daily weather forecast program to be distributed through television and the internet, with a group of cute young girls doing cosplay and dancing whilst reporting forecasts.

As the forecasts were for Taiwan and the United States, the girls spoke in English, Mandarin and Japanese.

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The substance of the call wasn't all that remarkable. doesn't officially recognize Taiwan as an independent nation. Already, the country has lodged a formal complaint against the U. On the campaign trail, Trump repeatedly threatened to start a trade war with China. "acknowledged" China's position on the matter, it did not go so far as to officially endorse it.And while you’ll have to hustle, consistently getting Korean girls is very doable.Looks (including fashion) and status carry you a lot further here than in Japan, China, Hong Kong, and Taiwan. Both were American guys in their mid/late 20s and one worked for Google and the other worked for Groupon.Lester Shih (奚岳隆), creator of the program, said the Japanese versions were not originally intended for Japanese audience, but merely an expression of Japanese style of cuteness.The weather report was just a means for us to get a daily program together, with the opportunity to show off different girls each day.

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