Black dating ian lip

But then she starts hooking up and having sex with random guys on Tinder to "save energy" on other things.Carl is uncircumcised and tries to keep his girlfriend whose father severely hates him.Ian doesn't take his meds and finds a new boyfriend named Trevor. Debbie struggles to raise and keep Franny as she gets stolen by Derek's relatives.Kev and V continue their thrupple with Svetlana until they find out Svetlana lied and betrayed them.He later forms a bond with her father and ships off to military school.Lip dates one of the workers at Patsy's Pies named Sierra and struggles to not drink alcohol.

and let him show you the wonders and amazement of his Love Spell System.

Sean and Fiona are engaged in their philanderous relationship amidst changing tides at Patsy's.

Mickey is now in prison, for Sammi's attempted murder, where he does Russian mafia hits for cash from Svetlana.

The seventh season of Shameless, based on the award-winning British series of the same name by Paul Abbott, is an American comedy-drama television series with executive producers John Wells, Christopher Chulack, Krista Vernoff, Etan Frankel, Nancy M. In this season, Frank starts a successful homeless shelter, but then got kicked out even though he was the owner.

He then finds out that Monica is suffering from brain damage and is going to die.

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