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Officer Nikki Banks, played by the lovely Agnes Bruckner, is a tough cop trying to keep the peace during the town’s crisis, while also protecting her ex-girlfriend, Julie. AE: I know that the show is really closely based on a French series of the same name (), did you watch that at all to prepare for your role? I didn’t see it before I auditioned, but then after I got [the part of Nikki] I watched the French version. AE: I know [] is such a different take on the traditional zombie story, but I was wondering if you looked to that genre at all for inspiration?Agnes was gracious enough to answer some questions about , and making out with ladies. I think I watched the whole thing in, like, two days or something. AB: We kind of did our own thing, because it’s not really a zombie-type show for me. Age: 31 (8/16/1985)Occupation: Entertainment - Actress Most Famous For: "The Woods" "I am so thankful for this Love in my life...

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She’s kind of this tough cop, you know- she’s interrogating people and she’s really hard core, but then when it comes to Julie she’s a lot more vulnerable, she’s a lot more sensitive.

She cares about Julie a lot, so she’s really trying to look out for her.

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