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Myanmar is engaged in “ethnic cleansing” of Rohingya Muslims, a UN official has said, as reports emerged Friday of troops shooting at villagers as they tried to flee.

Thousands of desperate people have pushed over the border into Bangladesh in the last few days, bringing with them horrifying stories of gang rape, torture and the systematic killing of their ethnic group.

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Vivian Tan, a press officer for the UN agency, said Mc Kissick was “recounting what different sources, including new arrivals, have told him about the conditions they fled” and added the reports were “very worrying”.Up to 50 women and girls of our village were tortured and raped.”Mohammad said houses in his village were burned, echoing similar testimony from other recent arrivals.One Rohingya man, who asked not to be named, told AFP in Myanmar that troops had stormed into a neighbouring village early Friday morning and fired indiscriminately on residents as they tried to escape.That means you shouldn't find that no-one is there to chat to you when you are feeling horny.We get a lot of hot UK women looking for adult chat with men online.

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