Aaron dating eckhart model

I've seen him jogging through the flats of Beverly Hills a few times. The imperfections you catch on film (strange eyes) you don't see in real life.

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I think I even read it in this Fox News 411 story, where Molly confirmed their couple status by nodding her head and saying “Aaron’s a great guy! Anyway, we didn’t report it because who really cares, right? His receding hairline bothers me a little, but I like that he hasn’t gone for a bad rug or plugs (cough cough Piven cough).

I’ve read some interviews with her where she seems cool, but she just kind of seems “meh”.

Yes, he's very "earthy."Eckhart has a reputation as a complete asshole. He rented a friends house while filming in Baton Rouge and apparently fucked the shit out of his co-star. There is a photographer's studio down the hall from my office in Manhattan and I once very unexpectedly ran into Aaron coming out of the men's room in our hallway.

He's alienated some of his colleagues and members of the press. I swooned...became as speechless as Ethel Mertz meeting John Wayne!

He seems to be the go-to guy when casting directors are looking for someone to play the love interest of an actress over 35/under 45 (Nicole Kidman, Jennifer Aniston, Julia Roberts...)42, never married. Thomas Jane is a limited actor but is supposed to be a very nice guy.

Aaron made his appearance in black comedy film Your Friends & Neighbors and American crime thriller black comedy film Thursday in 1998.Aaron Edward Eckhart (born March 12, 1968) is an American film and stage actor.Born in Cupertino, California, he moved to the UK at age 13, when his father relocated the family. Apparently, Aaron Eckhart did not appreciate Molly’s big mouth (once again, she said “Aaron’s a great guy! He’s so closed off from the world,” says the source. Besides, she feels she deserves a guy who isn’t afraid to tell the world they’re in love! “Molly was surprised that he ended it with her – and by phone – but she was starting to realize he’s not right for her. I mean, what do we really know about Aaron Eckhart? I’m not calling him Elton John or anything, but this whole “I will never tell anyone anything about anything in my life, ever” stuff reeks of “I’ve got some big secrets.” And for goodness sake, it’s not like Molly Sims is the kind of girl anyone would be ashamed of!

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